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Typical Real Estate Agent SOLD on SOCIAL System
Basic Listing Appointment  yes yes
Second Listing Appointment
Receive Detailed Comparable Report & Price Point Recommendation
no2 yes
MLS Listing yes yes
Traditional Marketing yes yes
Unique website domain name and hosting for your listing no2 yes
100% Custom-made landing page, slideshow and video for your listing no2 yes
Mailing List Distribution (we’ll email your listing to over 2000 people) no2 yes
Online & Social Media Marketing (,, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) no2 yes
Premium placement on our Social Media Pages no2 yes
Facebook Special
Exposes your listing to Real Estate Groups with thousands of members
no2 yes
The NEW YORK connection
We share your listing with our partners in New York City
no2 yes
International Exposure
We share your listing with our partners in South America and Russia and post it to local websites
no2 yes